The Company was founded by Mr. Giorgio Sgarbi, who transmitted his passion for this work to his son, the present owner and promoter of GIS. A special characteristic of the company is being able to make the most modern and sophisticated manufacturing solutions coexist with assemblies, checks, and tests, typical of the best craftsmen. Each single compressor manufactured is thoroughly tested and certified according to the most rigorous European Standards. The mission of our company is to satisfy the customers with all means available and for this reason we are

present in all continents of the world.
We have a wide range of machines available: Hobby-series, professional, and industrial compressors, with powers from 0.34 kW to 18 kW for piston compressors, both standard, and silenced.
Heavy-duty industrial screw compressors with powers over 75 kW in the silenced model.
- Refrigerated and absorption air dryers.
- All the accessories for compressed air.
- Available spare parts.

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